Terms & Conditions

1. All repairs, services and installations professionally done, in good faith: should you be dissatisfied with your repairs, please notify us within 48 hours for correction. Failure to do so may result in additional costs being incurred.

2. If the device cannot be fixed, a consultation fee of R100 applies.

3. Devices are booked in at the client’s risk. Keltech Repairs is not liable for any data loss or damage sustained during hardware or software repairs. PLEASE NOTE Your device may be restored or formatted to complete repair. Please back up your data beforehand.

4. Keltech Repairs cannot be held responsible for DIY installations on any accessories and parts sold separately.

5. Replaced parts – apart from batteries and liquid-damaged devices– have a 6-month warrantee that excludes any damage caused by negligence (eg devices that are dropped) or tampering.

6. Liquid damaged devices: only parts replaced as per invoice are guaranteed, for 3 months.

7. Warranties are not transferable.

8. Repair parts are subject to a 50% non-refundable deposit when ordering.

9. Devices not collected within 31 days of notification may be sold to defray costs.